"Children of the Neon Bamboo = an engaging journey through a vivid landscape painted with the hues of nostalgia and modernity.

Kimmey crafts a narrative that is both a personal odyssey and a commentary on the intersections of culture, history, and identity.

With its rich, immersive storytelling and eclectic blend of references, the book captivates the reader's imagination, transporting them to a world where past and present coalesce.

The writing is evocative and reflective, making it not just a story, but an experience that will resonate with a wide range of readers.

This book is a testament to the power of narrative to bridge time, place, and emotion, offering a unique lens through which to view the complexities of life and the enduring spirit of adventure."
- Jon Pham ★★★★★
"This book will roundhouse kick your imagination into world we all remember, but is forever outside our reach."

When Saturday morning cartoons were the only place to catch GI Joe or X-men on screen,
every man you met in a black t-shirt and wranglers were ex-special forces and ninjas hid on every rooftop with an arsenal of specialized weapons.

Read it now if you want to be on the right side of history.
- Dyglar ★★★★★
"This book pulls you in.

The writing is great and the characters are complex and interesting; you can’t help but feel invested.

Children of the Neon Bamboo is full of nostalgia and adventure and will leave you thoroughly entertained."
- Kindle Customer ★★★★★
"It was a fun read. There's nostalgia and plenty of surprises.

The chapters are shorter, which is great if you read in short intervals or struggle with your attention span.

I think the character building was well done and the plot was not predictable.

The setting is probably the best time to have grown up in America, and all the extraordinary events really added to it."
- cj14 ★★★★★
I met the author at a book shop in Van Buren, AR;

bought the book and he signed it for this old lady, writing

"Debbie! Thanks for your interest. I hope you enjoy" and boy, did I.

I consider reading a "guilty pleasure" as I always find other things to do, reading a little per day.

As he pointed out, there were sites from Van Buren and Fort Smith that would be familiar in reading the book.

That made it extra interesting to read, however, as I read deeper into the book, there was such excitement, I couldn't put the book down!!

I was sad to get to the end. I wanted to meet these people that I had invested time in.

Come back to VB, B. Glynn Kimmey ;) You are a gifted writer. Witty. Amusing. Historical. Exciting. And, full of random facts about soda and great knowledge of music. Bravo!!
- Debbie Gehret ★★★★★
"Children of the Neon Bamboo" is a total power-up for your imagination. This book glitches between hilarious, bizarre, and straight-up heart-pumping.

Think side-scrolling beat-em-up meets a road trip fueled by way too much Mountain Dew. It's got ninjas, oddball heroes, and a quest so ridiculous you won't be able to put it down.

If you loved the raw energy of early console gaming, and the anything-goes vibe of summer with your best friends, this book's your hidden boss battle.

Get ready for a wild ride that'll leave you wanting to start New Game+.
- Kaci Allen ★★★★★
Underneath the neon-bright weirdness, "Children of the Neon Bamboo" beats with an unexpectedly powerful heart.

Sure, it's got the crazy laughs and off-the-wall action, but at its core, this book is about finding your people, your courage, and that flicker of hope even when everything feels impossible.

It's a reminder that the human spirit, with all its quirks and flaws, is the most potent weapon against whatever darkness the world throws your way.

This book will stick with you long after you close the final page.
- Christian ★★★★★