Creative Sessions


When braving the weird, murky, mist-shrouded seas of rock n roll…. Look to the Northstar.

Jam- have fun- create- Bring your imaginative and intellectual fruits to bear- Feel the Glow of discovery.

In a fresh and invigorating environment, specifically tailored for exotic, grandiose musical endeavors, come away with:

A new lick
A new riff
A new song
A new album
A new tone
A new vibe
A new vision
A new wellspring
A new way of life

The upside is unlimited.

Also feel free to:

Experiment on pre-arranged material on various gear, exploring a plethora of tonal possibilities.

Come specifically to experiment on a particular device, piece of equipment, or band arrangement. Maybe you want to know if that piece of equipment would fit with your band. Come try it out. Maybe you want to see how the band sounds with a bassist, keyboardist, guitarist, etc. We can set that up.

There aren’t really any rules. The only limitation is your imagination.


You don’t have to worry about anything technical, just get on an instrument or behind a mic and let your spirit fly. We’ll make sure the equipment is tuned up and ready to go. Just say what sound you’re going for , and we’ll do our best to dial it in. We’ll continue tweaking while you play to really bring home the tone.

We’ll also have students of aesthetic, tonal, and rhythmic theory at your disposal for any quandaries or impasses you may have.

See the gear link for everything at your disposal. If you can dream it, we can give you the means to bring it to reality. Gear Inventory

All music will be recorded with high-quality ribbon mics, preamps, and compressors.

Recordings will be cleaned up and sorted out however you would like and sent to you and whomever else as soon as possible.

If the feeling hits you that we need to do a more serious, demo-quality, recording, we can do that as well.


At any given moment, we’ll have a runner ready to get you anything you feel you might need.

Food, drinks, and any other requested party supplies are provided and will be tailored to your taste.

When you need inspiration or a break, we have a relaxed, air-conditioned lounge area for conversation, listening to music, playing Sega Genesis, or watching TV, including many interesting, invigorating, and unique media offerings.

Remember, you can’t leave worse off than when you came, and the upside is unlimited; it’s an opportunity you or your band can’t afford to pass up.

Northstar Studios
Engage with the sublime